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My family lawyer philosophy is to try to keeping the peace, avoiding arguments and expense where possible, but always preparing for a fight if necessary.  Let Taylor Law Offices help you set up and obtain a Court Order in your jurisdiction to require the use of co-parenting “App” with your co-parent.   It’s easy and inexpensive and virtually always granted by Court’s upon request, saving you, the attorneys, and the Court time and inconvenience. The biggest reason to do this is to avoid problems and keep the peace, but having a clear and easily producible record of communication and documentation will help you avoid court. Just as important, co-parenting “Apps” help you have a clear record and documentation for your attorney and the Judge should you be required to go to Court. And over time, good communication and being prepared for Court if often the best way to avoid going to Court. Call 270 683-3533 for a free telephone consultation or visit for complete and on-line intake form.

Clear communication is vital to “co-parenting”……the raising of children with one or more persons participating.   Simple technology makes that communication easier, more efficient, and more accountable.  Appclose, My Family Wizard, Cozi, CoParently, and 2-Houses, all provide similar services but in different ways to help co-parents communicate in clear and easy ways about children activities, medical appointments, school activities, vacation plans, and any other life activities impacting children and their parents.

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These are all easy-to-use “apps” downloadable to your SmartPhone or by use of a computer via the internet.  Here are several of the best options:


APPCLOSE is a completely free co-parenting app  AppClose and has been around a long time with tens of thousands of people benefiting from its use. Along with features like messaging, shared calendars and the ability to create a shared parenting plan, AppClose has its own built-in payment platform, “ipayou,” with an integrated expense tracker. You or your ex can scan in receipts and request reimbursement, and then be reimbursed electronically.  AppClose allows you to export (for free) all communication and calendars. Messaging is done by text within the app, which you can do with your co-parent, alone or in a group chat with other family members or caretakers you can add (also for free). The messages are time- and date-stamped.


OurFamilyWizzard was originated and designed by a divorced couple.  For a modest cost, OurFamilyWizard platform facilitates helpful and cordial communication between co-parents. Families can share messages, expenses, events, and even add professional accounts including their mediator or therapist. The optional add-on, ToneMeter, acts like an “emotional spell check,” can pick up on negative tones, and give you alternatives to avoid a potential argument.


Coparently offers all the tools one would need to make co-parenting easier. With color-coded custody calendars, a secure messaging center, printable records for shared expenses, and a shared online directory, it can help save time, money, and needless argument. You can even add your kids to the account, helping with communication and the decision-making process. 


COZI is a “Mom’s Choice” award-winning program that lets you create shared calendars, shopping lists, to-do lists, and meal plans. 


2Houses provide families a way to communicate with their co-parent more efficiently and effectively. When information gets lost in the piles of texts and emails, 2Houses allows users to exchange information, such as medical notes and school details, and stay organized. Other helpful features include messaging with mediator access and document storage. 

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