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A heated moment in an argument could lead to raised voices. The next thing you know, the next-door neighbor has called the police, and now you’re facing domestic violence charges. The sentencing for these charges can be severe. No matter what the exact circumstances of your situation may be, it’s important to have strong legal guidance on your side.   

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Domestic Violence in Kentucky 

Under Kentucky law, domestic violence is when one family member assaults another. Physical assault against a family member has serious consequences.  

Family members include a current or former spouse, an unmarried partner (two people who have children together are considered an unmarried couple), and a person who lives or formerly lived with the accused. Family members also include a parent, grandparent, child, stepchild, or any child living in the same home as the person accused of the offense.   

Possible Consequences and Penalties 

While domestic battery charges and domestic assault charges are similar to assault under the law, the penalties can be more severe. Sexual abuse charges also have more serious consequences.  

The exact consequences of the charges will depend on several different factors. Less severe charges have less severe consequences. Repeat offenders especially face harsher punishments.  

Those accused of domestic violence charges could face: 

  • jail time 

  • fines 

  • loss of firearms 

  • loss of parenting privileges 

  • deportation 

These are some, but not all, of the possible consequences of a domestic violence charge. 

Diversion Programs 

Diversion programs are a possible alternative to traditional penalties. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out if you may be eligible for a diversion program.  

Diversion allows offenders to serve out their sentence by participating in a program. The program could be anger management classes, counseling, community service, behavior classes, or others. A knowledgeable Kentucky criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case and advise you of your options regarding the possible consequences of a domestic violence conviction. 

Possible Defenses 

There are several possible defenses against domestic violence charges. It is important to be aware of all the facts of your case when considering your defense. 

Falsely Accused 

A miscommunication or misunderstanding may escalate, and before anyone knows what exactly is happening, you could be facing domestic violence charges. If this is the case, you may be able to argue that you were falsely accused and that you did not commit the actions you are accused of. 


If you were acting in order to protect yourself, then you may be able to argue that your actions were in self-defense. Similarly, if you were protecting another, you may be able to use the defense of others as your legal justification for your actions. 

Lack of Intent 

Another defense against domestic violence charges is to argue that there was a lack of intent. If you did not intend to hurt the victim if you acted mistakenly or with the belief that your action would not hurt the other party, your lack of intent may affect the outcome of your case. 

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Owensboro, Kentucky 

Facing domestic violence charges is overwhelming. It can be extremely helpful to have a strong legal advocate on your side. At our firm, we believe everyone deserves affordable and excellent legal representation. With our practice, comprehensive skills, and resources we can help you navigate your case. Evan Taylor Law Office PSC represents clients in Owensboro, Kentucky, Henderson, Hancock County, Ohio County, and McLean County. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.