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Evan Taylor

Put A Wealth Of Trial Experience On Your Side

Whether you're facing divorce, DUI charges or a long recovery from an injury, an experienced trial attorney is key. I help people like you every day with difficult legal matters. I understand what you're going through and how to protect your rights.

While not every case goes to trial, preparation and courtroom experience are important for laying a strong foundation. My proven record of trial experience is unmatched by my peers. Through handling dozens of trials, I have honed essential trial preparation and courtroom skills.

Zealous Representation In Owensboro

As your lawyer, my allegiance will be to you. I'm committed to justice and am a determined advocate. I am not afraid to oppose powerful government or corporate entities if necessary.

While no one can predict the exact outcome of your case, I will let you know what to expect. I will not sugarcoat the truth or create false expectations, but I will look for opportunities for success. You can rely on my practical, realistic guidance.

Free Consultations For Most Cases

Call my Frederica Street office at 270-215-4901 for a consultation. Evening and weekend hours are available.