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In Kentucky, theft – taking another person’s property illegally with the intent to deprive the person of their property – is a serious crime that may result in devastating penalties. Unfortunately, a theft conviction can endanger your quality of life, personal reputation, freedom, education, and future opportunities. With your career and future on the line, you may naturally feel terrified and confused. 

If you are facing theft charges or under investigation for a theft offense, it is paramount that you retain a knowledgeable Kentucky criminal defense attorney to get on the correct path toward crafting a defense. Our team at Evan Taylor Law Office PSC enjoys protecting individuals wrongfully charged with theft from the worst-case scenarios. As your legal team, we will argue aggressively for your legal rights and make sure those allegations don’t ruin your life. 

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Understanding Theft Charges in Kentucky  

Under Kentucky law – Kentucky Revised Statutes Section 514.030 – a person commits theft when he or she unlawfully: 

  • Takes or exercises control over someone else’s movable property with the intent to deprive the person of their property. 

  • Obtains someone else’s immovable property with the intent to benefit himself or another person not entitled to the property. 

An experienced attorney can help investigate all of the details of your case thoroughly and help you understand the nature of your theft charges.  

Examples of Theft 

Here are some theft offenses recognized under Kentucky law: 

  • Petty theft 

  • Theft by deception 

  • Shoplifting 

  • Robbery 

  • Theft of services (utilities, wireless services) 

  • Burglary 

  • Theft by extortion (coercion or threats) 

  • Grand larceny 

  • Theft by conversion 

  • Theft of labor 

  • Receiving stolen property 

  • Embezzlement 

  • Intellectual property theft 

  • Theft of lost property or property delivered by mistake 

If you or someone you know has recently been arrested or indicted for a theft-related offense, you need to get in touch with a trusted criminal defense attorney immediately. Your lawyer can review the facts of your case and help build your defense strategy. 

Classification of Theft Charges in Kentucky 

According to Kentucky law, theft offenses are classified into different categories depending on the type or value of the property or services stolen. These include: 

Class B Misdemeanor: A theft offense may be charged as a Class B misdemeanor if the value of the property stolen is $500 or less. 

Class A Misdemeanor: A theft crime may be charged as a Class A misdemeanor if the value of the property stolen is between $500 and $1,000. 

Class D Felony: A theft offense may be charged as a Class D felony if the defendant steals: 

  • A property valued between $1,000 and $10,000 

  • Anhydrous ammonia of any value 

  • A drug or controlled substance valued under $10,000 

  • A firearm of any value 

Class C Felony: A theft crime may be charged as a Class C felony if the value of the property stolen is between $10,000 and $1,000,000. 

Class B Felony: A defendant may be facing Class C felony charges for: 

  • Stealing a property valued at over $1,000,000. 

  • Stealing anhydrous ammonia with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine. 

Class A Felony: A theft offense may be charged as a Class A felony for a repeat act (second or subsequent conviction) of stealing anhydrous ammonia with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. 

An experienced Kentucky theft defense attorney can enlighten you about the nature and severity of your charges as well as the potential penalties and consequences. 

Possible Penalties for Theft Charges  

In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, theft accusations usually carry devastating consequences. Depending on the dollar value of the stolen property or services, a defendant convicted of theft could face any of these penalties and ramifications:  

  • Massive fines and court fees  

  • Prison sentences (ranging from months, years, or decades)  

  • Community service  

  • Probation  

  • A criminal record  

  • Loss of voting rights. 

  • Increased difficulty in traveling to other countries. 

  • Loss of the right to own or carry a firearm. 

  • Increased difficulty in securing employment, housing, or educational opportunities.  

  • Increased difficulty in getting government assistance.  

  • Deterioration of professional and personal relationships. 

  • Ineligibility for certain financial loans  

  • Loss of University admission or scholarships. 

A wise lawyer can review every aspect of your unique situation and determine the best way to help fight your theft accusations.  

Common Theft Defenses  

Here are some common legal defenses that can be used to fight your theft allegations:  

  • No intention of stealing the property  

  • Truth or ambiguity of the statement  

  • Falsely accused of theft  

  • Entrapment  

  • Reasonable belief in the truth of threat (for extortion)  

  • Acted with the rightful owner’s consent.  

  • Intoxication  

  • The property was taken under a good faith belief of having the right to take it.  

  • Borrowed the property and intends to return it to the rightful owner.  

  • Reasonable belief in the truth of threat (for extortion)  

A seasoned theft defense lawyer can intervene quickly, strategize an effective defense for your unique circumstances, or identify the best defenses to help fight the false theft charges against you.  

Work With a Highly-Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney 

Defending your theft accusations without experienced guidance could possibly increase your risks of getting convicted and suffering devastating punishments. If convicted, you may be facing hefty fines, a lengthy prison sentence, a criminal record, and other serious social consequences. Therefore, when arrested and charged with theft, retaining a practiced criminal defense attorney is vital to help strategy your defense. 

At Evan Taylor Law Office PSC, we provide distinctive legal guidance and aggressive representation to clients facing theft, larceny, or shoplifting charges. Using our broad knowledge, we can analyze every aspect of your case and direct you through the Kentucky criminal justice system. Our dependable legal team will represent you intelligently at every phase of the legal proceedings and improve your chances of the most favorable outcome for your personal situation.

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