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What Qualifies as Solicitation of a Minor?

Evan Taylor Law Office PSC June 9, 2023

Solicitation of a minor charges are serious in nature and have severe consequences. Such an accusation alone can destroy your reputation and jeopardize your future. However, many people are not aware of what qualifies as solicitation of a minor, which can be one reason why they end up facing criminal charges in the first place.  

If you are facing solicitation of a minor charges or are being investigated for this offense, contact an attorney as soon as possible. Our criminal defense attorney at Evan Taylor Law Office PSC defends clients in Owensboro, Kentucky, against charges of solicitation of a minor and other crimes targeting children. We also serve Ohio County, Hancock County, McLean County, and Henderson.   

Solicitation of a Minor in Kentucky 

Under Kentucky law, solicitation of a minor occurs when an adult contacts a victim – who is under the age of 18 – with the intent of engaging in sexual activities. Engaging in sexual activities with the minor as a result of such solicitation is a separate offense.  

In Kentucky, you can face solicitation of a minor charges even if you never met or attempted to meet the minor. The fact that you contacted the minor and solicited him/her for sexual purposes qualifies as a solicitation of a minor offense. However, the prosecution must still prove that you had the intent to commit the offense in order to secure a conviction.  

Possible Defenses

There are several possible defenses that may be available to those who face solicitation of a minor charges. Depending on the circumstances of your case, possible defense strategies include:  

  • False allegations. False allegations can be a viable and effective defense in solicitation of a minor cases. Sometimes, a minor may make false allegations of solicitation due to anger or a grudge against an accused. In such cases, it is important to highlight any motives or reasons the minor may have had for making false accusations. 

  • Mistaken identity. It is possible that an alleged suspect was mistakenly identified as being involved in solicitation, especially if the alleged offense occurred online. A defense attorney may establish that the minor had mistaken the accused for someone else or that the accused was misidentified during the investigation. 

  • Identity theft. The use of technology allows others to impersonate you. This is a common occurrence where an accused was not the one who solicited the minor but rather someone who used their identity to commit such a crime. It is possible to defend such charges if it can be shown that another person used the accused’s identity to commit the crime. 

  • Entrapment. Entrapment is another defense commonly used in solicitation of a minor cases. If a law enforcement officer employs tactics that coerce an accused into committing a crime that they would not have committed otherwise, it constitutes entrapment and might be used as a defense. 

  • No knowledge that the victim was a minor. A defense attorney can argue that the accused was unaware that the victim was a minor. In such cases, the attorney may establish that the accused had no knowledge of their victim’s age and thus cannot be convicted.  

  • Non-sexual motivation for the meeting. Although the prosecution may allege that the accused was soliciting a minor for sexual reasons, the defense may argue that the meeting was intended for non-sexual reasons. This defense strategy is frequently utilized when the accused thought that the meeting was for business, collaboration, or a “normal” friendship. 

Discuss your unique case with an attorney to identify the most effective defense strategies for your specific circumstances.  

Possible Penalties 

In Kentucky, all crimes targeting children, especially sex crimes, are punished harshly. Depending on the unique circumstances of your case, you could face the following penalties: 

  • incarceration 

  • hefty fines 

  • a permanent criminal record 

  • registration as a sex offender 

  • loss of the right to carry/possess firearms 

  • loss of voting rights 

  • damaged reputation 

  • deteriorated professional and personal relationships 

  • difficulties in finding employment or housing 

Our skilled attorney at Evan Taylor Law Office PSC can review the details of your case and help you identify the best defense strategy to avoid a conviction or minimize the penalties.  

Protect Your Future With the Support of an Attorney  

At Evan Taylor Law Office PSC, our attorney understands the serious nature of solicitation of a minor charges in Kentucky. That is why we are committed to providing clients accused of this offense with the best representation possible to avoid or mitigate the penalties and lifelong consequences. Get the support of our attorney to protect your future. Call today for a confidential consultation.