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Preparing for Divorce

Evan Taylor Law Office PSC March 21, 2023

In Kentucky, filing for divorce is among the possible options to end your marriage legally. However, before filing the divorce petition, there are some important things you need to take into consideration. In addition, you need to identify the marital property, secure your assets and accounts, gather personal information, and collect all necessary legal documents. Doing all these can make it possible to navigate the divorce proceeding seamlessly. 

At Evan Taylor Law Office PSC, we have everything necessary to guide clients in divorce-related matters. Our experienced Kentucky family law attorney can educate you about how to prepare for your divorce and what to consider before you file your case. We’re proud to serve clients across Owensboro, Henderson, Hancock County, Ohio County, and McLean County, Kentucky. 

Things to Consider Before Filing for Divorce 

There are ups and downs in every marriage. Unfortunately, not every marital relationship can be saved. If you are thinking about filing for divorce, here are some vital things to consider before you file: 

Counseling: Marital dissolution usually causes sensitive emotions, and the divorce process can be heartbreaking and overwhelming. Therefore, ensure that you seek divorce counseling and support. This will help you know the reason for your relationship breakdown and how to deal with possible post-divorce changes. 

Explore Divorce Types: It is vital to explore your various divorce options before filing. In Kentucky, couples considering divorce may seek uncontested, contested, collaborative, mediation, and do-it-yourself divorce. 

Financial Readiness: Also, understand your financial situation – including finances and debts – before you file. Separate your financial affairs and update your budget accordingly. Likewise, start making plans for retirement or retirement savings

Living Situation: You should also think about the possible living situation before filing. The available options include: 

  • Vacating the marital home before your divorce is finalized. 

  • Continue staying in the marital home with your estranged partner, even after the divorce. 

  • Buying out the other party – if you have the finances. 

  • Bird-nesting – You and your estranged partner will live with the children in the family house at different times. 

  • Selling the property and dividing the equity. 

  • Refinancing the mortgage in your name alone. 

A trusted Kentucky divorce lawyer can educate you about the steps to take when preparing for your divorce and help you make informed decisions. 

Steps to Take to Prepare for the Divorce Process 

When preparing for divorce, you should take the following steps, where possible: 

Hire a Seasoned Family Law Attorney 

Once you know your marriage can’t be saved, you need to retain a dependable divorce attorney immediately. Your lawyer can enlighten you about the Kentucky divorce process, your possible divorce options, and walk you through the legal proceedings from start to finish. 

Secure Assets and Accounts  

Property division is a crucial aspect of every divorce case. Some individuals often try to play smart by hiding assets and income. Secure your assets and take a detailed inventory of all marital and separate property. Also, make copies of important documents, cancel any joint account with your estranged partner, and change your personal passwords. 

Collect Personal Information 

In addition, collect personal information and relevant details about yourself and your estranged partner. Document your marital history, proof of residency, and information about your children and employment. 

Assess Financial Situation 

However, you should know your actual financial standing. Take note of your income, debts, and potential needs. Understanding your financial situation may require gathering all financial records, including bank account statements and credit history. 

Gather Legal Documents 

Also, gather legal documents, including tax returns, business records, insurance policies, estate plans, and end-of-life plans. Make multiple copies of all legal documentation and records that contain your personal information. 

Regardless of how peaceful your divorce might be, getting experienced legal representation is crucial to protect your rights and help you navigate crucial decisions. 

Reliable Legal Guidance 

A divorce can affect your family, property, finances, children, and every other aspect of your life. In order to navigate the divorce process smoothly, it is imperative that you work with a knowledgeable attorney for detailed guidance. At Evan Taylor Law Office PSC, we’re committed to advising and guiding clients through the complex procedures involved in divorce.   

Contact us today at Evan Taylor Law Office PSC today to arrange a consultation with a skilled family law attorney. We have the clear legal counsel, support, and brilliant advocacy you need to navigate your divorce proceedings. We’re proud to serve clients across Owensboro, Henderson, Hancock County, Ohio County, and McLean County, Kentucky.