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It’s Worth It to Fight Your DUI Charges

Evan Taylor Law Office PSC May 8, 2023

Have you been pulled over and accused of driving under the influence? If you have, you quickly realize a night of fun and celebration can turn your life around the second you see those red and blue lights flash behind you. Driving under the influence can alter your future in ways that you may not be aware of. While the immediate consequence in Kentucky consists of criminal penalties for a DUI, lifelong consequences are sure to follow.

Drunk driving is a serious offense leaving the accused feeling shame and fear that further clouds their judgment on how to proceed. You may be asking yourself, “Should I even fight my DUI?” The answer is simple, the impact of a single bad decision does not have to alter the rest of your life, and Evan Taylor Law Office PSC can help you fight a DUI charge in Kentucky.   

Serving the Owensboro area in Kentucky, our team is experienced in trials at both State and Federal levels for over two decades. Our DUI defense attorney has the expertise and resources to serve all your legal needs without costing you a fortune. When working with our firm, we will provide you with honest and practical legal guidance on how to proceed with fighting a DUI; and committing efficient and aggressive representation to fight for your future. 

Possible Penalties for a DUI in Kentucky

According to NOLO Legal Encyclopedia for Kentucky DUI Laws and Penalties, the state of Kentucky does have specific guidelines regarding jail time and fines which increases the more offenses that you have on record. Additionally, all convicted of driving under the influence will have their driver’s license suspended by a predetermined amount of time and be required to participate in a substance abuse treatment that can range from 90 days to a full year.  

Consequences do not stop with legal penalties; DUI convictions can alter your life in many other ways, such as raising your insurance premiums or preventing future job opportunities. If your current job requires you to drive company vehicles or handle alcohol for your role, you can lose your employment status. Additionally, all these circumstances may cause a strain on relationships leaving families having to deal with the loss of transportation, financial burdens, and loss of income if employment status is changed.   

Defense Strategy

Do you feel that you were falsely accused or pulled over for the wrong reason? Do you feel that you were not legally too drunk to drive? Evan Taylor Law Office PSC is committed to exhausting all our defense strategies to fight for you, including further investigating if the officers had probable cause to conduct a field sobriety test or if there were any procedures unlawfully conducted during your stop. We will evaluate if there were any issues with the test, known or unknown, that may have created a falsely high BAC result as we are able to tap into our technology expertise serving you as our client. 

It’s Worth It to Fight a DUI Charge

DUI convictions can be life-altering, with vast penalties and extensive costs. The fear and shame alone could cost you personal relationships and livelihood. If you are in Owensboro, Kentucky, or the surrounding counties of Henderson, Hancock, Ohio, or McLean, Evan Taylor Law Office PSC is here to alleviate those burdens without costing a fortune. Fighting a DUI charge is fighting for your life and future freedoms.   

Don’t Risk Your Future. Call Today.

Evan Taylor Law Office PSC has what it takes to leverage technology to provide a strategic defense against DUI accusations. Your life does not have to be forever impacted by criminal penalties and hefty fines. Providing excellent legal counsel and representation to individuals on a budget, we can assure you that we will do everything we can to fight for your future. Contact Evan Taylor Law Office PSC today for clear legal assistance.